Looking for some “EXCITEMENT” in your gold concentrates?

Look no further… Our Gold Hog concentrates are it.

ghcon1BEFORE…. you order… read this message from Doc…

Our GoldHog® Mystery Cons have been VERY… VERY… popular over the past two years. Most of our customers are REPEAT buyers because the are TRULY addicting and here’s why. While EVERY bag will have gold in it, the contents are a COMPLETE mystery to US… and to YOU.  These cons are taken directly from our equipment, dried, and packaged without EVER being searched by us.

Why do we do it this way?
Simple… I have bought cons all my life.  I’m a GOLD ADDICT just like you. However, after a while I felt like someone was taking sand and gravel and adding a certain amount of gold.  It simply lost its “thrill”.  Offering these MYSTERY CONS is a risk for everyone.  Some will be somewhat satisfied, some will be really happy, some will be THRILLED.  It’s a gamble all the way around but MAN….. are they fun.


Reasonably Priced…
We have kept the price low on our cons, not offering high priced “loaded” bags. Our Mystery cons are $39 and our new Gem and Gold bags are only $59.  Just under a quart of panning and searching fun…


While there is gold in EVERY bag… the thrill of the UNKNOWN will keep you coming back.
Go through the pages and pictures on this site and enjoy.


Who is Doc and What is Gold Hog?
Here’s a quick video, we have almost 100 videos on YouTube.